What is Test DISC?

Test DISC Testing is a specialized online portal that uses the latest technology to assess staff. We are currently the best alternative online DISC tests.

Our mission is to provide companies and users with the best assessment (benefit - cost) online, using the latest technology and the best team for implementation.

Our Vision is to be the leader in online DISC assessments and become the best alternative for our customers (businesses and consumers) in achieving its goals.

DISC: Support For Organizational Decisions.
In the area of Human Resources DISC technique will help you identify the right person for the job available, according to their behavior.
Being a support for decision-making at the time of one or when you wish to change an internal staff and identify who is suitable.

DISC: Support For Personal Decisions.
Perform DISC Test will be of great benefit to you, you will understand the work environment according to your personality, highlight their key features can be both strengths and weaknesses, learn strategies to understand, influence and interact with others, understand what motivates relationships and maximize these motivators.

Business Opportunity: Associate Certified and Authorized Distributors.
If you are interested in Becoming a Certified Partner and Authorized Distributor of our assessments or use in your own business Service Human Resources, Staffing, Consulting, and Recruitment Systems Testing, Testing DISC is the perfect way so that it can have.

PruebasDISC offers the possibility of joining a company of constant development and sustainable growth where the Commonwealth has advantages that ensure the performance of your investment.

This is the possibility of having a business, with the full support and backing of a strong business group.

The satisfaction of contributing to the success of the organization, providing leadership and capacity.

A model tested in a line of business with very favorable prospects (Assessments Online).
We offer over 30 years of International Support

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Strategic Partners

It is a Human Resources consulting firm; with over 35 years of global experience.

Our mission is to provide innovative and successful companies in the region, flexible services, high quality, using the latest technology and the best team for implementation.

Our offices provide high quality services. Our advanced system allowed us to develop the basis of largest and most comprehensive data in the region, through Empleos.Net, the leading job site in Latin America.

Through our regional organization, we offer companies a professional and effective system for the recruitment and selection of qualified professionals, representing an aggregate value of firms.

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